Social collaboration software that lets users explore three-dimensional virtual reality environments together.


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VRChat is a simulation program that combines chatting, virtual reality, environment creation and gaming. You are able to chat with other users while making your own world. There are also many games that you can play and create. You can even create custom avatars for yourself.

Main Features

VRChat is a virtual reality program with lots of additional features. On the most basic level, this program allows you to meet and chat with other users on a virtual reality plane. You are able to control a custom avatar that is very similar to a video game character. You can change many aspects of this avatar, such as gender, clothes, height and more.

VRChat also includes a Unity programming engine. This allows you to create worlds, items, games and more. You can either use existing or custom items depending on your level of experience. This enables you to create rooms and worlds that are specific to your preferences.

Play Games

Another aspect of VRChat is that you can play games while talking to your friends and other users. You can play tag, capture the flag and many other games. Some of these games are easy to start. You simply select them from the options menu or join an existing game.

If you are good with Unity and programming, then you can even create your own games. This lively community is constantly making new games for players to enjoy. This software expects users to be highly engaged in the process. You are allowed to create almost anything as long as you have the skill and experience.

Realistic Movements

Many aspects of the VRChat avatars have been made so that they are more realistic. For example, you get full range of movement with your virtual reality system. This means that both you and other users will seem to move in realistic ways. There is also eye tracking and proper lip movements when talking.

This makes the entire experience more realistic for all users. You can also express yourself with emojis, hand gestures and much more.

Weekly Events

While VRChat relies mostly on the community to make the game more involved, there are official weekly events created and endorsed by the VRChat administrators. These events are different every week. Sometimes the event is unveiling a new features, it might be a huge game that everyone is invited to play or it could be a contest that asks players to make something new and unique.

These events make VRChat even more lively. Not only that, but you get to meet the rest of the community since many people get involved in these events.


  • Allows you to meet other people in virtual reality.
  • The avatars can be customized and have realistic movements and gestures.
  • You can create worlds, games and items if you are good with Unity.


  • Those who are not experienced with Unity or don't want to make custom worlds may miss out on many features.

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